NewsPerspective event with The Plan Magazine

Perspective event with The Plan Magazine

We participated in an inspiring and timely networking event in which architects, designers, manufactures and companies interact and exchange ideas. 


The event was divided into 3 parts: workshops, panel discussions and one-to-one business meetings. All in the splendid setting of Venice Lido’s Hotel Excelsior.

Venice is the best backdrop for a networking experience.

The participation was numerous and there were many architects, designers, real estate companies etc. who met here in Venice for the event. On the first day the conference entitled “Journey to Italy: Architecture in the Footsteps of Guido Piovene” was held, with the author, and moderator Valerio Paolo Mosco, Massimo Alvisi, Gianandrea Barreca, Piero Zucchi, Maria Claudia Clemente, Filippo Pagliani, Susanna Tradati.

Shannon Vandenheuvel / Unsplash

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