NewsOur Studio and signature project open for the Open House Roma

Our Studio and signature project open for the Open House Roma

Great things come to those who wonder. And during the event of 2 and 3 October 2021 in Rome, a date already well known to romans and visitors, the wonder never ceases.

Almost 200 exceptional places in Rome, normally closed, are open to welcome visitors, adorned with special exhibits, events and guided tours in a unique annual feast called Open House Roma.

Visitors at the Angelini Headquarters

Our studio at Ostiense was open for guided tour and a chat

We decided to open the doors of our Studio and also, exceptionally organise the Open House access to one of our signature projects: Angelini Headquarters.

The satisfying news were that it got fully booked within the first day of its presence on the Open House portal.

Open House Rome is an annual event that in a single weekend allows the free opening of hundreds of buildings in the capital, remarkable for their architectural characteristics.

This years theme was ‘Urban Beat’ (‘Il Battito Urbano’), an interesting allusion to the heartbeat of the city that is more alive then ever.

Open House Rome was born from the idea of a group of architects and communicators oriented towards socio-cultural innovation. 

We had a pleasure to interview Director of the Open House Roma, Davide Paterna – and you can see his interview among our reels on Instagram.  Click here to see the interview.

We’ve documented a few moments from those two days full of contact (with all of the precautions) in a video above.

Have fun watching, and see you during the next Open House.


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