NewsSO FAR – An event to celebrate 50 years of Studio Transit

SO FAR – An event to celebrate 50 years of Studio Transit

Join us to celebrate our 50 years anniversary! ⁠

For this important occasion we open our Rome office in the heart of the Ostiense district to host ‘SO FAR’, a unique event to celebrate fifty years of Studio Transit’s passion and goals together.⁠

Fifty years of projects that have contributed to redesigning the urban landscape of Rome, from the subway stations to the Eur Business Park, from our signature project Angelini Headquarters to revolutionary residential construction projects.⁠

One of our latest Projects – Proposal for the Sicilian Administrative Offices in Palermo

Monti Della Breccia – our Regula Award winning Residential Complex – in construction phase in Rome

Fifty years of experience in the sector has built the foundation for our studio to look beyond, participate in international competitions and open up to the foreign market.⁠

Fifty years of professionals who combining their skills have made collaboration and mutual exchange the true strength of the firm.⁠

We invite you to celebrate with a drink in hand, the path taken so far in our beloved and suggestive headquarters in Via del Commercio 12, Rome, on 14 and 15 June starting at 7pm.⁠



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