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One of our signature projects, The Angelini Headquarters is the result of an international competition that Studio Transit has won.⁠

More than a building, this architectural complex represents an “urban measure“, which includes office spaces and general services connected to them, functions connected to each other through a careful and calibrated articulation of interior spaces, gardens and passages.⁠

The basic themes of the project revolve around three concepts: relationship with the pre-existing structure, bridge structure and the addition of the multifunctional central element – the ‘ribbon’.⁠

Date 2019

State 1st – 2nd Phases Completed / 3rd Phase In progress

Location Rome, Italy

Customer Angelini Industries

Category Offices

Relationship with the pre-existing structure.


The Angelini Headquarters project is linked to the city through the reiteration of some elements of the original building, connecting them to the new special concept characterised by organic forms and a strong dynamism.


The continuity of the pre-existing front is transformed by “dissecting” the volume and through the creation of four distinct blocks divided by gates into which green areas are then inserted. These blocks house the functions most strictly connected to the work activity such as offices, meeting rooms, as well as services and vertical distribution centers.

The central “ribbon”, which forms the covering of the entire multifunctional volume, is completely covered with a Palladian system of broken white stoneware, which allows for perfect continuity of the envelope. The vertical walls are made with a fully glazed system of mullion and transom facades, suitably screened with curtains.

The choice of the cladding material fell on trencadìs, as the unevenness of the sizes and the possibility of choosing the size of the joints allows the ceramic cladding surface with continuity to the organic trend of the volumes.

The ‘Bridge’ structure.

In our Angelini Headquarters the whole building organism is connected by an elevated element that arises on the side of Viale Amelia, where the main entrance to the complex is located, and expands over the rest of the building, generating an expressive and noble ‘bridge’ structure, incorporating and restoring unity to the individual parts in a contemporary architectural logic.


This suspended volume, which houses the offices of the presidency and senior management, creates the functional connection between the four operational blocks and completes the perimeter of the lot, identifying a space inside the area that is both introverted and facing outwards, through the pilotis area on via Amelia and the gaps between the office blocks.

One of the most characterising elements of the ⁠ Angelini Headquarters – is the central part, also called ‘the ribbon’.⁠ ⁠

The Ribbon

This dynamic part of the new complex is a multifunctional area closely related to the whole system. It is the heart of the building, identifiable as such both for its barycentric position and for its organic and vital nature. ⁠ ⁠

The spaces for meeting, relating, reflecting, resting and communicating find a home in a deliberately complex volume, vigorous, bright and closely connected with the ‘bridge’ element, with the office blocks ultimately immersed into the external space of lawns, trees, water basins, fountains.⁠ ⁠

Interior Spaces

Brightness, dynamism and flexibility. These are the concepts around which the interior spaces of Angelini Headquarters have been conceived.⁠

The materials and elements used to characterise the organic external image of the building extend internally, creating dynamic continuity between the spaces.⁠

The acoustic and visual comfort is paramount and led us to search for ‘warm’ surface solutions through the use of vertical wooden panelling by Tecno, one of the many natural elements introduced within the project.⁠

The flexibility of the environments, another key element strongly desired by the client, was accomplished through a system of mobile partitions, also by Tecno, which divide the environments without rigidity.⁠

Focus on the Green

Numerous vertical green walls by Verde Profilo cover the partitions of the pilotis on the outside, and insidiously and playfully continue their course on the inside, in the forms of lush architectural elements, differentiating color, texture and feel of the spaces. Bathed in natural light, their bright colors accentuate, the linearity of the structural elements softens: thus nature enters in harmony with the architecture.

The solution of the integration of green walls came both from an environmental point of view, carrying out a fundamental action to mitigate the microclimate, and also from a sensorial point of view, contributing to the psychophysical well-being of the employees.


Architectural Project: Studio Transit

Structural Project: So.In.Ci. Srl / Ser.In Srl / INNOVA AE Srl ⁠

Systems Project: Lombardini 22/ INNOVA AE Srl ⁠ ⁠

Costruction Project Supervision: Studio Latini Srl ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Mobile Partitions e Wood Wall Covering: TECNO⁠

Suspended Ceiling: ARMSTRONG⁠

Flooring and wall covering : OIKOS ( Paint ) / CASALGRANDE PADANA ( GRES )⁠

Bathroom Fixtures: CIELO⁠ Lighting: XAL⁠

Solar Blinds: OMNITEX⁠ Elevators: SCHINDLER⁠


Domotica: CISCO⁠


Green Walls: VERDE PROFILO⁠ ⁠

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