ProjectsApartments in Via Ceneda

Date 2009

State Competition

Location Rome, Italy

Customer Private

Area 6.000 mq

Category Residential

Two buildings from before World War II and one from the 1960s meet at the crossroads of two streets overlooking, with blind elevations of differing heights, a lower building from the 1930s on the corner.

The project was designed to “heal” an architectural tear created by various differing historical conceptions of the residence meeting here in Appio district.

This was the starting point for a design that sought to maintain the historical dimension, while giving the volumes renewed functionally and reinterpreting them in a contemporary light.

The design sets out empty in the lower floors to create a city garden that can be seen throught the original openings in the building and shifting the volumes to the upper floors. These are then laid out in a way that creates an interplay of reflections that allows a reinterpretation of the facades of the adiacent buildings.

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