ProjectsCittadella dello studente in Bagheria

Cittadella dello studente in Bagheria


The project finds in the pavilion structure surrounded by greenery the optimal solution both for the correct psycho-pedagogical development of students and for creating collective spaces that can be used by the community for school or extra-curricular activities.

The solution combines public and private use, sporting, cultural and recreational functions, placing the student or citizen in a strong relationship with the natural element.

The project is divided into a series of regular volumes connected by a lowered central body with a green roof, which also acts as a filter between external and internal space.

Date 2024

State Competition, 3rd place

Location Bagheria, Palermo

Client City of Palermo

Category Education

The planimetric layout of the various volumes places the collective functions (spaces for sports, cultural and recreational activities) in direct contact with a large green space, thus obtaining independent access and optimizing the distribution routes of the entire system.

The functional and distributive organization allows the use of the common space as a “third educator”, to facilitate immersive teaching.

Attention to environmental sustainability guided the design choices, as in the choice of the green roof of the Central Building, or the photovoltaic system planned for the roofs of the Hubs.

The external spaces are divided into green areas and permeable paved areas of various colours, creating paths, shaded rest areas, areas for sporting, educational and collective activities.

With regard to construction, finishing and furnishing materials, maximum use of eco-sustainable materials with characteristics such as to guarantee a long useful life with easy maintainability is envisaged.

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