ProjectsSchool in L’Aquila

Date 2018

State Competition

Customer Comune di L’Aquila

Area 4.300 mq

Category Education

Big earthquakes caused destruction, despair and pain in these places. We want to move the earth to generate knowledge, creativity and sharing. Through slight corrections to the orography, we create raised plates that contain school functions. In a planimetric vision, the articulations of the ground that generates the new volumes are barely perceptible, integrated in the natural context with green roofs.

At the frontal approach, the architectural figures manifest themselves and tell the new nature of the place, mediated by a game of wooden visual filters on the southern front and openly revealed by large windows that capture the light on the northern one. .

We designed the volumes to allow them to be crossed by the air without stopping their circulation, capturing it at the attachment of the green roofs and conveying it through the internal spaces up to the expulsion chimneys at the opposite end. The texture of the essence and the texture of the vertical partitions allow you to break the barrier inside-outside, projecting the finished area of ​​the classes into the nature of the external spaces, expanding its spatial and conceptual dimensions.

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