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More than just a building, our project for ENI Business Unit Refining and Marketing, is a multi-function complex distributed along two converging lines of the Europarco Business Park in Rome.⁠⁠
The complex of offices and connected services, consists of two two articulated buildings, Building A and Building B, whose total surface development is over 70,000 m2. ⁠⁠

Date 2019

State Completed

Location Rome, Italy

Customer Buildit S.p.A.

Category Offices

For both ENI buildings, the concatenation between geometric linearity and functional articulation plays a fundamental role. ⁠⁠
The linearity is evident in the plans of the upper levels intended for offices, generally based on a scheme with central corridor distribution and modularity of the office rooms, interspersed with rooms for ancillary services, toilets and stairwells and elevators. ⁠⁠
The functional articulation distinguishes the ground floors of the two blocks, making explicit the concept of a complex architectural organism in itself, which is enriched with higher functional levels.⁠⁠

‘A complex of considerable proportions .. an element with a strong connotation and value, including signalling: the two separate bodies settle on divergent positions, representing a sort of visual and volumetric boundary of the area on the eastern side,’ ⁠
Francesco Pagliari in ‘The Plan’.

Building A is one of the two separate bodies of our project for ENI. It contains the main entrance – a dynamic transverse body, the path through a luminous and elegant two-story atrium, bordered on the ground by the semi-submerged volume of the large company cafeteria. ⁠⁠

The internal organisation of this structure sees workplaces and services alternating along the spine corridor whose constant rhythm is only slowed down by the insertion of the transverse body that dominates the spaces of access.⁠⁠

Equally varied are the spaces hosted on the ground floor of Building B: two small atriums lead to office environments, training rooms, the switchboard, service rooms, while a specific atrium gives access to the area in which they are combined. The nursery and kindergarten sections make up for the important part of the building, with their respective specialist places and the exclusive availability of a courtyard for outdoor activities.⁠⁠

The elevations decompose on the edges on the west side, as well as in the conformation of the buildings of body B.⁠⁠

⁠The alteration of the solid base volumes, through the use of sunshades, shatters the glass wall in the play of the openings, subtract from the solemnity and renew the fresh perception of the final shape now fragmented and subdivided.⁠⁠

‘The principle of fragmentation of the elevations and volumes perhaps constitutes the signature – not only stylistic – of the project, for a conjugated proposition of rationality and expressiveness that defines a solution to the imposing dimensional quantities of the two buildings, which in turn can be read as a complex that fragments and subdivides.’
Francesco Pagliari The Plan Magazine


Variability of shape and materials can be seen at the same time in the facades, on the linear shape and the development of the continuous reflective surfaces.⁠

A pattern of reflective and opaque modules is arranged on the surface of facades, so that a geometry with multiple values ​​in the relationships between the parts is composed, in an intense search for elegance in the design of the elevations. ⁠

Sequences of lamellar sunshades spread out in sectors subtly aimed at giving dynamism to the elevations through the variability in the warping.⁠

This is an analysis to define a structures for children, especially for the families of employees in the ENI offices. It constitutes an experimental work on the articulation and shared use for playing and learning spaces.

The kindergarten project envisages a series of small “balocco” buildings with organic shapes , painted in bright colors.

They are “cretto” inserted in an artificial hill covered with a grassy mantle, which determines an included and protected space capable of instilling security and stimulating creativity. This creates a sort of fantasy village, an autonomous world within the complex building system of the centrality of Europarco.

Architectural Project Studio Transit s.r.l.

Electrical Systems Enetec
Structural Engineering MSC Associates
Cafeteria Mastergroup Srl
Facades Isa Facades
Building Site management Starching

Main Suppliers

Mobile partitions Contact Metaplex
Flooring Liuni Pavimenti Casal Grande Padana
Suspended Ceilings Armstrong Ceilings, Siniat
Wall finish Marazzi Ceramiche 
Atlas Concorde, Casaplastic, Alligator Keselpit 
⁠Vynil Sinpona

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