ProjectsFazi-Battaglia Wine Cellar in Ancona

The Fazi Battaglia brand is part of an important story, an added value that must be communicated by the project. The enhancement of the relationship between the new cellar, a contemporary object that represents a future project, and the existing farmhouse, underlines this idea.

The relationship between the two architectures is managed by inserting a metal band that accompanies the visitor on his journey from the farmhouse to the entrance to the cellar.


Date 2016

State Competition

Location Ancona, Italy

Customer Bertani Domains S.r.l.

Area 4.900 mq

Category Retail

The brand has linked its luck to a graphic element: the particular amphora shape of the bottle which has become famous over the years.

The project takes its cue from this form by reinterpreting it in a contemporary key.

The overall shape of the cellar, in its longitudinal elevation, is that of a stylized amphora lying on the ground; the same amphora becomes a decorative motif of the facade on the pedestrian square, creating a material effect and a vibration of lights and shadows; the vineyards are drawn on the ground like intersecting amphorae, giving life to a particular game of rows.

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