ProjectsMEIS – Italian Jewish and Holocaust Museum in Ferrara

Required to incorporate existing buildings and new structures, the project raises the issue of reciprocity and differences in the composition of various materials that define an articulated list of elements.

In this sense, the architectural design draws strenght from the composition of these diverse pieces, all linked by a clear order, within which “juxtaposition” sanctions and regulates relationships.

Date 2010

State Competition

Location Ferrara, Italy

Customer Fondazione MEIS

Area 6.300 mq

Category Culture & Religious

The result is a reading that, in the reciprocal composition of the different pieces of the project, is rendered concrete by a method that is not exhausted in rational arrangement of volumes and functions, or in the connections and junctions that enrich their “juxtaposition”: in fact, various connections on different levels and at different scales, the material consistencies of the external surfaces, the placement of residual spaces – treated as valuable environments, “directing” the paths and references for users – define the articulated and palpitating image of this complex, making it an expression of vitality.

“Lechaim!” To your health! The most celebrated of all best wishes for the Hebrews.

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