ProjectsMessina waterfront

The design concept shows to main aims : to mend the current lack of homogeneity of the coast, and to heal the gap between the city and the sea, allowing the inhabitants to live, walk and share a new public place between artifice and nature, between the built space and the sea, the greenery, the sky.
The masterplan consists of a curved lines system and sinuous paths that connect the various stretches of coast, where the waterfront becomes a large linear park in continuity with public paths.

Date 2024

Status Competition, 3rd place

Location Messina, Italy

Client City of Messina

Category Masterplan

Like ‘waves’, a smooth stairway accompanies the visitor along the different paths, and the coastline, land and sea seem to merge. Thanks to some strategic interventions, the Viale della Libertà maintains its functionality, yet turned into the place through which experience the park. The masterplan is divided into large access spaces to the waterfront which open up the view of the sea where it is now hidden, and welcome citizens to the seafront promenade.

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