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The Offices for the Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi, our winning project in an International Design Competition in 2018, are scheduled to be completed in 2024.

We strongly wanted a project that was deeply Milanese, using an architectural language that had its roots in the modern Lombard tradition and in Milan in particular; a thread that linked us to the poetics of Terragni, Giò Ponti, Mangiarotti and BBPR; a design that was recognisable for its familiarity with the ways of the city and unique for its reaffirmed belonging to the place.

This expressiveness reaffirms ancient values, recalling the sizes and colours of those areas that  reiterate Central European flavours, and which constitute the terrain on which the new Milan has grown.

Date 2018 – In progress

State Competition, 1st Place Winner

Location Milan, Italy

Customer Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi

Category Offices

Expected Realisation Date 2024

The interpretation of the new morphology of the building is entrusted to a game of contextual affirmation and denial of the order and “classicism” of the elements that make up the facade.

The rhythm is marked by a regular and constant structural pattern that recalls the Milanese architecture of the second half of the last century and re-proposes its spirit, revisiting its components and stylistic features.

Within this regular facade layout, three different ways of interpreting the building envelope are articulated with multiple degrees of visual permeability and materiality.

The whole is placed in the immediate urban context with naturalness, almost an architecture that seems to have always been there.

The project creates a rupture with the church of S. Maria della Porta: an empty space that is liveable, sonorous and full of sensible vibrations.

This small new square generates quality where the back of the existing building was, effectively reversing the hierarchies of approach and bringing the entrance functions to this newly discovered area, intimate and full of charm.

The theme of the building in Via delle Orsole, in its central urban location and next to the church of Santa Maria alla Porta, reflects multiple values ​​which the project has taken into account in the limestone with a light hand the characteristics, technology, materials and the dimensions of the new building that is replaced by the previous one, introjecting the precious awareness of its historical parts, the modalities, the shades, the colors.


Particular attention was paid to the design of the interior spaces and the choice of materials.

The planning will allow to organise the workspace in a flexible way both in the open-space configuration and in closed rooms, providing executive offices and representative meeting rooms.

The use of natural and certified “Cradle to Cradle” materials will also ensure total healthiness of the environments as well as a high sustainability of the construction process.

The sustainability and comfort of the building will be assessed by the Green Building Council with the aim of achieving LEED GOLD level certification.

The interiors are designed with the utmost care for the overall well-being of the worker through the use of furniture elements capable of connecting to their surroundings (IoT technology) as well as proposing systems capable of simplifying changes within the offices, reconfigurable without the intervention of specialized personnel.

Studio Transit s.r.l., Architectural Project

Partner Companies:
MSC Associati S.r.l. Structural design
United Consulting S.r.l.  Design of mechanical, electrical, LEED, acoustic and safety systems
Work in Progress S.r.l. Quantity surveyor, Permitting

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