ProjectsRenovation of Palazzo Marignoli

The renovation of this historic building in Piazza San Silvestro, area of enormous artistic and cultural value, faced the challenge of combining the comforts of a modern, efficient and attractive property with the limitations generated by historical nature of the building under protection both at national and municipal level and the “public function” of the complex which has consolidated its urban nature of spatial connection between inside and outside.

Date 2006-2019

State Completed

Location Rome, Italy

Customer Allianz S.p.A.

Area 30.000 mq

Category Offices

The architectural services related to the building’s design and construction process were managed by Studio Transit and Studio Bichara.

The result is a renovation that, without increasing the original volume, involved the transfer to the sixth floor of the gross useful area originally included in the demolished obsolete surfaces inside the cloisters, aimed at restoring the original configuration.

More than a simple building, this paradigmatic complex represents a central urban unit typical in its general conformation, forming the sub-layer of the urban recomposition of the major Italian cities in the post-unification period.

To complete the new articulation, particular importance was given to the inclusion of a representative staircase, starting from the new atrium and serving all floors and therefore all internal functions: from executive to commercial, and from common spaces to private areas.

The distribution of the vertical and horizontal paths, as well as the plant network, had to take into account all the possible future configurations of division of the internal spaces, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and at the same time functional efficiency, always in compliance with the limitations imposed by the historic-architectural safeguard regulation and the stringent fire prevention rules for existing buildings.

The overall intervention was oriented towards the recovery and conservation of the original characteristics and peculiarities of the architectural complex, with a careful and targeted conservation of the key elements of the original system and aiming towards providing a clear reading of the architectural composition and of the isolated complex that has represented over time an architectural element of connection between piazza San Silvestro and via del Corso.

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