ProjectsPalazzo Sistema – New Office Complex of Regione Lombardia

The proposal for the Palazzo Sistema competition is a new office complex for the workplace of Regione Lombardia.⁠

The project that we envisioned fits into the intricate and complex reality of Milan, relating directly to its surroundings.⁠

The linear dynamic of the building resonates, in terms of height, with the typical building presences of the Isola district, taking up the volume of the pre-existing realities thus avoiding changing the relationship with the adjacent environment.⁠

Date 2022 

State Competiton

Location Milan, Italy

Category Offices

The initial volume is that one of the existing building, which, by separating, allows a transversal passage through the city.⁠ By bending, it welcomes the city inside, allowing itself to be shaped by it.⁠

The first 3 levels of the initial volumes are emptied, placing them as a single pure volume resting on the base.⁠ The pure volume then rotates and shapes its facade to better adapt to the climatic condition.⁠

The emptiness resulting from the hollowing allows the pervasion of the green element which is the true protagonist of the city.

The quality of living in the city for human beings is the matrix and center of the design of the open spaces in this competition proposal.

⁠Those who work or visit the building can benefit from the roof gardens, which include large green areas, shrubs and small trees and even a training track for employees. Even the inside of the buildings opens up to the presence of greenery, carving out large spaces, defined as “green display cases” that can be used in all seasons where you can get away for short breaks and socialise.⁠

The visual permeability of the structure at street level is also confirmed by the plant structure of the park, and the park is conceived as a dense multi-species forest, in which there are clearings. ⁠

Its floor slowly rises towards the accesses until it reaches a height of 2 meters . The forest is the large hypostyle hall from which it is possible to visually sight the different parts of the surrounding city.⁠

5 concepts around which we’ve built our Palazzo Sistema proposal for the Regione Lombardia:⁠

⁠1. Iconic nature of the intervention and spatial integration of the building within the urban context⁠
2. Accessibility, usability and security of access areas⁠
3. Presence and quality of greenery⁠
4. Centrality of man (psycho-physical well-being)⁠
5. Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.⁠

The project integrates the theme of greenery and public space into the architectural context, while solving functional and formal problems, paying great attention to the issues of sustainability and passive technologies, improving the daily and long-term experience of the user/citizen.⁠

In our proposal for Palazzo Sistema competition the building lets itself be shaped by natural and climatic components, adapting its facades to the best exposure and the most functional shielding.⁠
Architects : STUDIO TRANSIT⁠ 
Landscape design: STUDIO A&P⁠ ⁠
Structural design: ARONICA INGEGNERIA ⁠
Images by HERE AGENCY 
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