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P39 project is not just an architectural project, but the project of a central node of the city from an urban point of view. The regeneration of the area, with the reorganization of public spaces and the continuity of cycle and pedestrian paths, connects the route creating a single axis of regeneration and urban innovation and redevelops the entrance gate to the historic city, that from Monza gives access to Brera, following one of the historical routes of Navigli.

Date 2020

State Competition

Location Milan, Italy

Customer COIMA SGR S.p.A.

Area 25.000 mq

Category Offices

The two new architectural elements, connected with a pedestrian bridge, are a functional mix of residence, tertiary, commercial and public spaces and induce a positive sociality ensuring flexibility and efficiency of living and working spaces.

The project aims to use water as a generating element, a landscape and architectural infrastructure that assumes strategic importance both from a functional and aesthetic point of view, looking to cultural tradition and to innovation aiming at the protection of water resources for the environmental and ecological sustainability of the intervention.

The public space is proposed as a large “Water Park” where this element is presented with different declinations representing the “trait d’union” of the whole intervention.

A strategic design has been conceived, able to respond to the complexities of the place, with a high quality of public spaces combined with the search for environmental sustainability, the re-use of water and the resilience of new urban areas dedicated to the community.

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