ProjectsRedevelopment of the Ex Magazzini dell’Aeronautica

This objective of developing a new urban centrality was paramount in our definition of the character of the proposition for the architectural redevelopment of the Ex Magazzini dell’Aeronautica.⁠

We thought of this new urban identity as a structure open to the city. An architectural concept to define new spaces for aggregation, exchange, communication, while preserving the image and typological characteristics of the complex. ⁠

Date 2022 

State Competiton

Location Rome, Italy

Category Offices

The project we envisioned is like pages of a book, dynamic surfaces leaf through, following one another seemingly without interruption, defining the space, hosting the consultation rooms and reception areas of the Archive. ⁠

A building can forge relationships with the neighbourhood and its social, natural and historical context.

The demolition of the offices on Via Papareschi and their rethinking as a transparent and permeable backdrop adjacent to the main volume makes it possible to create a new quality public space in which nature, architecture and sociability are the real protagonists in the new proposal for the Ex Magazzini dell’Aeronautica.⁠

We opened the structure to the city and expressed its relationship with the surroundings through a transparent glass structure which like a permeable diaphragm favours the internal/external exchange with the city, maximising the visibility and attractiveness of the place.

The multi-level public space generates a network of environments that are accessible and suitable for both major events and everyday use. ⁠⁠

This project celebrates both the collective and the individual, enhancing the public-cultural vocation and leisure time of the complex. ⁠
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