ProjectsSchool in Cesenatico

Date 2018

State Competition

Customer Comune di Cesenatico

Area 3.000 mq

Category Education

The project is a place of confluence and mediation of the peculiarities of the context, a meeting and stitching point between a large green area in a park and an urban suburban fabric consisting of a uniform building front. 

The fundamental values of the project was the freedom of those who live in it, where they decide how to use each part of the building.

On the urban level, it’s represented by the principle according to a community that is built through relationships and mediations between different pre-existences where they meet, in a symbolic environment such as school, their point of confluence.

The project relates to the context thanks to the reconstruction of a correspondence in the plot of neighbouring lots.

The architectural component of the education proposed by the project reveals an ethical foundation which is the deliver of the building to its users, making it available to them, without prefigure in detail the methods of use of its spaces based on the hypothetical needs of its users.

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