ProjectsATAC Rail Depot Redevelopment

Date 2007

State Competition

Location Rome, Italy

Customer Impreme S.p.A.

Category Residential

A proposal for a competition, a “city gate” clearly evident in the urban fabric in direct relation to the metropolitan scale.

A precise and defined form, integrated in the context, in which it remains an edgy interpreter of its spaces and values.


This design proposal “resonates” with the metropolitan values ​​of the  location in a neighbourhood where strong presence of architectures is animated by the symbolic representation of the movement.

The “futuristic” bounce of the canopy of our proposal for the former ATAC depot is part of the dynamic scene, an opening intended to accommodate trams, with a general emphasis on the movement as a formal matrix.

The various volumes that characterise the intervention are gradually modelled above the square-level.

The architectural conformation of these spaces follows a mixed trend, designed to configure fluid, mutually integrated spaces, with a strong presence especially on the road front.

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